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Welcome to the Ram Trucks Open Series
$5,000 Minimum Guaranteed First Place Boater at Every Divisional Tournament


Ram Truck Open Series Raises Payout
for the Weekend Angler

Athens, AL - Today American Bass Anglers announced a new series that will offer a guaranteed minimum first place to boaters of $5,000 at one-day bass tournaments. The 2016 Ram Truck Open Series will offer four one-day bass tournaments in 16 divisions in a Pro/Am format. Anglers can advance to local Ram Truck Area Championships that will offer a guaranteed minimum first place to boaters of $10,000. In total, the series will offer more than $450,000 to guaranteed first place payouts in regular season.

"Never before has this kind of payout been offered to the weekend angler in this format", said Morris Sheehan, President and Owner of American Bass Anglers. "This dramatic increase in payout will mean tournament anglers will shoot for first place prizes of up to $11,000 in Ram Truck Divisional one-day bass tournaments. All divisional anglers can advance to a local Area Championship and compete for up to $20,000 for first place. Plus, the opportunity to qualify for the no entry fee Ray Scott Championship with a payout of more than $200,000 which makes the Ram Open Series the tour to fish."

The Ram Truck Open Series divisional tournaments payout increases based on the number of entries. With a field of 200 boaters, first place will win $11,000 and qualify for contingency bonuses up to $7,500 each divisional event. With a field of 200, Co-Angler first place will win $5,500 and qualify for contingency bonuses. The payout is to the top 20% of the field at each event with second place through the last paying place of the fields are paid based on the total number of entries.

The 16 Ram Trucks Open divisions are divided into eight local areas with two divisions per area. The two divisions within an area will fish a combined Area Championship with a guaranteed minimum of $10,000 first place for boaters and $5,000 for the winning co-anglers, regardless of the number of entries. Ram Truck Area Championships payout will also increase based on the number of entries. With 200 boater entries first place boater payout increases to $20,000 plus contingency bonuses. With a field of 200 Co-Angler first place will win $10,000 and qualify for contingency bonuses.

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Add Primetyme CB 1.5 to Your Fall Arsenal

By: Stetson Blaylock

As cooling waters and changing baitfish patterns start to influence bass fisheries around the country, Team Livingston pro Stetson Blaylock has some advice for anglers looking to take advantage of fish transitioning out of deep waters: "Get yourself somePrimetyme Coffin Bill 1.5's"

Blaylock has some well-documented hands-on experience with the Primetyme family of crankbaits in general - he finished sixth at the Lake Toho FLW Tour event this season thanks to a Gold Shad PrimeTyme SQ 2.0 - and has always been fond of the CB 1.5 as a search bait. This time of year, though, the CB 1.5 becomes especially handy in tracking down wolf packs of bass as they follow baitfish up into the shallows.

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Mason Wins Leer Cover Cash
Not only did Jimmy Mason win the June 27th ABA Ram Weekend Bass Series tournament on Pickwick, he also added more money to his pockets with LEER Cover Cash. You don't have to win the tournament to get LEER cash though, you just have to be the highest placing registered finisher of the event. 
If you fish American Bass Anglers tournaments and own a LEER Truck Cap or Tonneau cover you need to check out http://leercovercash.com. Or call (918) 742-6424 and Kristie will sign you up.

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Randy Howell's Five Tips for Cranking Up Fickle Fall-transition Bass

By: Randy Howell

Fall can sometimes be one of the most challenging times of the year to consistently locate and catch bass. Yes, fish can be very aggressive in the fall, but there's so much bait in the water this time of year, it's sometimes hard to get them to bite.

Fall fish can be fickle. That said, this is one of my favorite times of the year to crank a medium to shallow crankbait like the HOWELLER DMC and the HOWELLER DMC PLUS.

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Registration Begins
October 19, 2015 8AM CST
Welcome to the Ram Open Series

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