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Division_Name: Dates: Lake: LaunchRamp:  
Florida South 1/07/2017 Okeechobee Scott Driver
South Carolina 1/28/2017 Keowee South Cove County Park
Florida Central 1/28/2017 Toho Lakefront Park
Alabama South 2/04/2017 Eufaula Lakepoint Resort State Park
Texas Southeast 2/04/2017 Toledo Bend Fin and Feather Resort
Alabama North 2/11/2017 Guntersville Goose Pond
North Carolina 2/11/2017 Norman Blythe Landing
Georgia 2/11/2017 Eufaula Lakepoint Resort State Park
South Carolina 2/18/2017 Murray Dreher Island State Park
Florida South 2/18/2017 Okeechobee Scott Driver
Tennessee Central 2/25/2017 Center Hill Ragland Bottom
Florida Central 2/25/2017 Toho Lakefront Park
Louisiana 2/25/2017 Toledo Bend Cypress Bend Park
Mississippi 3/04/2017 Ross Barnett Madison Landing
Alabama North 3/05/2017 Guntersville Goose Pond
Tennessee Central 3/11/2017 Percy Priest Fate Sanders
Georgia 3/11/2017 West Point Pyne Road Park Mega Ramp
Louisiana 3/11/2017 Bayou Black Bob's Bayou Black
Kentucky 3/18/2017 Kentucky Lake Moors Resort
North Carolina 3/18/2017 Badin Alcoa Access
Florida South 3/18/2017 Okeechobee Scott Driver
Texas East 3/18/2017 Lake Palestine Villages Marina
Maryland 3/25/2017 Potomac River Smallwood Statepark
South Carolina 3/25/2017 Clark's Hill Dorn Facility
Florida Central 3/25/2017 Harris Chain Hickory Point Recreation Facility
Alabama South 4/01/2017 Mitchell Higgins Ferry Park
Mississippi 4/01/2017 Pickwick JP Coleman State Park
Virginia 4/01/2017 Gaston Americamps
Kentucky 4/15/2017 Kentucky Lake Moors Resort
Texas Southeast 4/15/2017 Sam Rayburn Umphrey Pavillion
Maryland 4/22/2017 Chesapeake Bay Anchor Boats Marina
Oklahoma 4/22/2017 Arkansas River (Changed to Ft Gibson) Muskogee/Three Forks Harbor (Changed to Taylor Ferry North Ramp)
Virginia 4/22/2017 Kerr Nutbush Park
Tennessee Central 4/23/2017 Old Hickory Flippers Bait & Tackle
Georgia 4/29/2017 Sinclair Little River Park
Louisiana 4/29/2017 Black Lake Campti Chandlers Camp
Ohio 4/29/2017 Grand/St Mary's West Bank
Alabama North 5/06/2017 Neely Henry Coosa Landing
North Carolina 5/06/2017 Wylie South Point
Alabama South 5/06/2017 Jordan Bonner's Landing
Oklahoma 5/06/2017 Eufaula Eufaula Cove South (Peter's Point)
Kentucky 5/13/2017 Kentucky Lake Moors Resort
Maryland 5/13/2017 Potomac River Smallwood State Park
Mississippi 5/13/2017 Columbus Pool Columbus Marina
Virginia 5/13/2017 Gaston Americamps
South Carolina 5/20/2017 Russell Calhoun Falls State Park
Florida Central 5/20/2017 Toho Lakefront Park
Texas East 5/20/2017 Lake of the Pines Cedar Springs Park (Changed)
Texas Southeast 5/27/2017 Toledo Bend Fin and Feather Resort
Maryland 6/03/2017 Chesapeake Bay Anchor Boats Marina
North Carolina 6/03/2017 High Rock Tamarac Marina
Florida South 6/03/2017 Okeechobee Scott Driver
New York 6/10/2017 Lake Champlain Plattsburgh
Oklahoma 6/10/2017 (Changed) Lake Eufaula Eufaula Cove South (Peters Point)
Ohio 6/10/2017 Indian Moundwood State Park
Tennessee Central 6/11/2017 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing State Park
Alabama North 6/17/2017 Weiss Little River Marina & Lodge
Georgia 6/17/2017 Oconee Sugar Creek Marina
Texas East 6/17/2017 Bob Sandlin Public Ramp # 1
Virginia 6/17/2017 Kerr Nutbush Park
Alabama South 6/24/2017 Logan Martin Lakeside Park
Mississippi 6/24/2017 Ross Barnett Madison Landing
New York 7/01/2017 Cayuga Lake Union Springs
Ohio 7/08/2017 Tanners Creek Lawrenceburg City Ramp
New York 7/22/2017 1000 Islands French Creek Marina
Ohio 7/29/2017 Indian Moundwood State Park
Oklahoma 8/12/2017 Grand Lake Wolf Creek Public Ramp
New York 8/19/2017 Lake Champlain
Open Event
Kentucky 8/26/2017 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing State Park
Texas Southeast 8/26/2017 Sam Rayburn Umphrey Pavillion
Area 9 Championship 9/02/2017 Lake Erie Erie Pa
Area 1 Championship 9/09/2017 Chickamauga Dayton Boat
Louisiana 9/09/2017 Red River Red River South Marina
Area 8 Championship 9/09/2017 Potomac River Smallwood State Park
Area 5 Championship 9/16/2017 Okeechobee Scott Driver
Texas East 9/16/2017 Cedar Creek Log Cabin Public Ramp
Area 3 Championship 9/23/2017 Eufaula Lakepoint Resort State Park
Area 6 Championship 9/23/2017 Toledo Bend Cypress Bend Park
Area 2 Championship 10/07/2017 Pickwick McFarland Park
Area 4 Championship 10/07/2017 Hartwell Green Pond
Area 7 Championship 10/28/2017 Texoma Highport Marina
Records 1 to 81 of 81